After Jeff dropped Siri off at Kate’s home and he went back to his mother’s house in a foul mood. He needed an explanation for his mother’s impractical demands, he knows there is no reason that will be good enough to derail his unchallengeable love for Siri but he still needed to confront his mother about it.

When he got inside, she was sitting on her bed staring at a picture. Gently he walked up to her; he hadn’t seen that look on her face in a long time.

It was a picture of herself with someone else who has been angrily scratched out of the picture; the other person was his father, he never got to see his face, according to his mother, it was the only picture she had of him and she had scratched him out the moment he skipped town.

Jeff sat next to her “what is it?” he asked softly.

“You can’t be with that girl” she said sullenly.

“But why, I thought you liked her” he asked, still maintaining his calm tone.

“I did till I found out where she is from”

He knows of his mother’s disdain for that village and its entire inhabitants; he then told his mother to change her mind about it, advising her that she can’t rub what a person did to her on everyone else.

“You always used to say, ‘he that considers weeds will never sow’ Siri is a great girl and I love her. Please I want you to be onboard with this” Jeff said to his mother.

It was a long talk and after a while Mrs. Obi saw reason with her son who is the sunshine to her cloudy life “Siri is a nice girl and bears no resemblance with the Satan’s spawn I met in the 80s” she concluded.


Later that day, Jeff met with Siri at Kate’s house, it was a Saturday and Siri only needed to drop by at work to check off some delivery.

Before Jeff got to Kate’s house, Siri was telling Kate that there is a chance that Jeff’s mother doesn’t like her. She explained to Kate how well they were getting along till towards the end when Jeff’s mother suddenly went cold but Kate insisted that Siri was being paranoid and overly self-conscious as usual.

Jeff didn’t spend a lot of time inside Kate’s apartment, he offered to take the girls out and they jumped at the idea. They went to the cinema, got popcorns and sodas.

They saw the new Omoni Oboli’s movie, “Okafor’s Law” and it was a lot of fun, Jeff and Kate got along instantly like they have known each other for decades.

After they dropped Kate at her place; Jeff took Siri home, she confronted him with the nagging thought in her head and he assured her that his mother simply dotes on her and she needs not to worry.

Siri smiled with optimism on hearing that, “there is nothing to worry about now, he loves me, his mother loves me, and the coast is finally clear” she muttered to herself. He promised to see her after church service the next day and then zoomed off.


What do you think? Is the coast really clear?

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