When she got to Kate’s place, she immediately told her of the freight she had in the morning and how she thought she could be pregnant.

I’m better now” said Siri.

“Why would you think you are pregnant? Did you and Jeff do it? Oh my God you did it already, thought you were going to wait till after you got married” Kate asked with astonishment.

“It was just once, it was a mistake, the day he asked me to marry him” Siri was covering her face with her hands.

“Well then, maybe it was morning sickness, some women have that. In the morning they will be a raging mess and in the evening it would feel like nothing happened” Kate’s words sent cold down Siri’s spine. And they decided to get a first step pregnancy stick from the nearest pharmacy.

On their way, Siri told Kate that she hasn’t been able to reach Jeff all day and she said he is probably busy, but it was very unlike him, he calls every morning and they have never gone that long without talking before.

When they returned home, Kate told Siri how to do it and she went into the bathroom to test her urine. It usually takes three to five minutes and those minutes were enough for Siri to imagine her life as a single mother with a hotel job, if it turns out that Jeff wasn’t who she thought he was.

She came out of the bathroom, with the pregnancy stick in hand, showing two red lines. She was pregnant and it was officially time to panic.

Inflamed with fear, she blabbed different inarticulate words that Kate couldn’t make any sense from. Siri paced up and down the apartment. Dialing Jeff’s number and it just kept ringing with no pick up.

Kate suggested that there is a chance that he was avoiding her after getting his way with her. Siri looked at her friend and she didn’t want to believe it_ she knows Jeff and he loves her.

But could Kate be right? Is she really a gullible lovesick idiot who he has taken advantage of because of her overwhelming love for him which had made her an easy prey? She couldn’t accept Kate’s assumption about Jeff and yet she couldn’t help but consider it. But Kate can’t be right, she wished it away, “I know his heart.”

As she left Kate’s house and journeyed straight to Jeff’s apartment, she combated with positive and negative thoughts, and the negative thoughts prevailed. When she got to his place, no one was home so she sat in the front of his house, now she was scared. Maybe she isn’t Cinderella, maybe her prince is really just a frog…


Are Kate’s assumptions right? Or should Siri keep believing in Jeff?

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