Siri barely slept all through the night, she wasn’t sure how she felt about being pregnant, she certainly hadn’t planned for it; didn’t plan or expect to be engaged either but since she met Jeff, only the unexpected has happened and it has been enjoyable so far.

She sat on her bed, thinking about it; it was less than three months ago that she met him and she‘s already engaged and pregnant, she was beginning to panic, afraid that she had skipped one-too many steps. Her brothers will most definitely not be pleased by her out-of-wedlock pregnancy and it wasn’t like her to be this reckless.

She got up from her bed and paced round her room, but that didn’t soothe her nerves. Then she dialed Jeff’s number but he didn’t pick up after repeating it twice, she convinced herself that he must still be asleep; after all it’s just passed 5A.M.

When she came out of her room, there was a strange smell emanating from the kitchen, and when she walked up there, she saw Michelle with a cup of tea. “I didn’t notice that my Milo was finished, I tried out your coffee” Michelle said.

“Why does the coffee smell so bad” Siri muttered to herself. The smell of the coffee was usually her favourite part of the drink. It’s so soothing that there is nothing else she would rather smell in the morning but not this morning. She wanted to throw up right there, preferably inside the cup of coffee.

She ran back into her room and then straight into her bathroom and again filled the toilet with her vomit.

Michelle followed right behind her, petting her back, “what is it? Are you sick?”  She asked, Siri managed to get up from the floor, and then rinsed her mouth.

“I think i ate something that was bad for me yesterday at the hotel, but it’s nothing, I’m fine” she lied. Siri wanted to tell her but didn’t because Michelle would tell her husband who would insist that the only reason they got engaged was because she was pregnant.

She went to lie on the bed, and in no time sleep whisked her away. Michelle stayed with her and when her husband woke up, she told him about Siri’s health. He quickly suggested that they take her to the hospital immediately.

Michelle told him that it hasn’t come to that yet and whispered to him that Siri might be pregnant, Mudia wouldn’t accept her insinuations “that’s not possible” was his response. She didn’t argue with him on that, to Mudia, Siri is an innocent two year old who knows nothing at all and that’s how he would always see her even if she has grandbabies.

He soon left for work but Michelle decided to stay home and take care of Siri.

When Siri finally woke up, she was still so groggy though she had slept for hours. She managed to walk to the sitting room and lay on the couch, Michelle brought her the pepper rice she had made and with the appetite of a horse she ate it all and even wanted more.

Siri wanted Michelle to leave the house so she could take her first-step pregnancy stick to confirm her suspicion but the woman was bent on staying home and caring for Siri.

She sat on the couch a while after the meal, then decided to call Jeff again, he didn’t pick up this time either so she texted him; and fell back to sleep again.

Michelle woke her up to go take a bath and she did. Later in the evening, she felt a lot better like she wasn’t the same person who had that dreadful experience that morning.

She told Michelle she wants to go see Kate and that her illness was truly about something she ate and now that it was out of her system, she is better. She actually believed that, in her mind, there is no way she could be pregnant, menstrual cycles change almost every month, not by a week though, but it does change.


Okay, what is happening to Jeff? Why has he seem to abandon Siri?


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