Siri was lucky to make it to her place of interview in time but sadly, she was in such a sour mood that she wasn’t sure what the interviewer’s impression of her would be. The venue of her interview wasn’t so far from her best friend, Kate’s home, so she stopped by.

Kate is so thin that she should probably wear a bell so people will know she’s there but her mouth is bigger than every other part of her body with an opinion that is as sharp as a whip.

Michelle’s new attitude was lingering in Siri’s head and somehow found its way to her lips. Kate jumped so fast to a bad conclusion that she almost broke her hip in the process. She said if Siri isn’t careful, Michelle will turn her into a housemaid right in her brother’s home.

Kate was seeing Siri to the junction to ascend a bus when her phone rang, she was tilting her head and smile coyly all through the phone conversation that Siri couldn’t stop herself from asking who the mystery phone man was that she had never heard of. Kate blew off the question telling Siri that she sees love everywhere since she met Jeff and that the person she was talking to was her uncle not any mystery lover.

It was so unlikely, they talk about everything but Kate just lied to her, Siri tried not to think too much of it, whoever the guy on the phone was, she would learn of him eventually.


Siri got home in the evening to meet Michelle pouncing ferociously on Oyoma, she hurried to her and asked what had happened but she wouldn’t say and Oyoma was too busy crying to speak.

After Siri pulled Michelle to the side and let her calm down, she told Siri that she wouldn’t allow Oyoma who she now referred to as a “little brat” to come into her home and steal from her. According to Michelle, she was going through Oyoma’s bag when she returned from school and there was three hundred naira inside.

Siri then explained to Michelle that the money must have been the left-over of the five hundred naira she had given her in the morning. Michelle’s shoulders were momentarily shrugged and then she walked angrily away.

Siri took Oyoma inside and consoled her then told her to go take a bath. She couldn’t understand what had transformed Michelle overnight and she doesn’t want to take her recent behaviour to heart though it was hard not to.

She was certain that Kate was wide off the mark about thinking that Michelle has been pretending to be a good person all this while and this is her true character. Though Siri might not be an excellent judge of character but what’s certain is that; Michelle is kind, compassionate, and most of all soft as a teddy-bear.

After Siri made dinner, she walked gingerly into Michelle’s room to have a talk with her. At first she quarreled about Siri coming into her room unannounced even though Siri did knocked but Siri sat down regardless.

She asked Michelle if she had offended her in any way but the woman had nothing to say only her conscience to contend with, Siri went ahead to apologize anyway and asked her forgiveness for anything she had unconsciously said or done.

After Siri left, Michelle sat up on her bed, she felt brainless for letting her friend’s words burrow deep in her enough to unshackle her unpleasant features.

Nevertheless, there was still a dark residue in her, she felt outnumbered with Mudia and his siblings and somehow, having Oyoma join them just made her felt more alone…


How are you enjoying the story thus far??? More of Siri, coming to you tomorrow…


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