Jeff’s call was what woke Siri up from bed, he told her he had to be away for an impromptu business trip and he would be back in two days.

After Siri dropped the call, she couldn’t go back to bed, she woke up Oyoma to go ready for school and then went into the sitting room; she was on her phone chatting with a friend from her university days when Michelle came up behind her in a spy-like movement.

Michelle has never been much of a morning-person, and usually always sulky in the mornings but recently, it has been beyond her usually broody self. Siri had tried talking to her about it the previous day but it seems to have fanned the flames.

She greeted her and Michelle’s responses were barely audible, it was becoming uncomfortable for Siri to just sit there in morbid silence with Michelle who was so abrupt with every conversation that Siri tries to pick up with her.

She went into the kitchen to clean up, and start the day early since she had an interview to meet up with that morning. After cleaning up the kitchen, she came into the sitting room to dust and then sweep.

When she was about to return into the room to check on Oyoma’s progress, Michelle called her back that she would need Siri to do some laundry for her, words that Siri has never heard from Michelle’s lips before.

At first when Siri moved in with them, she has suggested helping out with the laundry and that of her brother’s too but Michelle insisted against it.

Michelle is fastidiously tidy and can never trust anyone to tend to her clothes with much diligence as it required. Siri helps with a lot of things in the home but laundry is out of bound to her.

Siri nodded and told her to leave them in the laundry basket that she would get to them after her interview but Michelle insisted that she needed them done that morning. Siri walked away without uttering a word.

Inside her room; Oyoma wasn’t in sight, she called out her name twice and got no response, so she opened the bathroom door to find her napping on the bathroom floor.

“Will you get up from there, you were supposed to be getting ready for school instead you are sleeping and it’s pass 7:00am already” she yelled waking Oyoma from her nap.

She went back into the sitting room to ask Michelle for the laundry she was to help with, then Michelle took her to her room and put the heap of clothes in front of Siri. Mudia, her brother was on the bed sleeping and woke up to the voices. Siri greeted him and then left with the clothes.

In her room, Oyoma was done from the bathroom and was ready to have breakfast and leave. Siri knew something was up with Michelle and since she wouldn’t have enough time to make Oyoma breakfast and also finish the laundry with enough time for her interview, she gave Oyoma money to buy food from a restaurant along the road to school…


Do you think that Michelle’s behavior is as a result of the conversations she had with her friend, Chinwe? Would Siri be able to handle Michelle’s sudden change?… got to go, see ya tomorrow.


  1. Jeffrey Madiba says:

    Although I missed the conversation Michelle had with Chinwe, I think her (Michelle) demeanor is too cold, and her attitude becoming rude. If she’s developing these cold shoulders just because of what Chinwe told her, I think she should grow up.
    Then as for Siri, she should just be calm, and play cool.
    Have a lovely day dear!

  2. Jeffrey Madiba says:

    Michelle is developing cold shoulders just because of what Chinwe told her about Siri; she should simply grow up or end up allowing Chinwe to run her home for her.
    As for for Siri, she only has to be calm and play cool.
    Have a lovely day dearie.

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