When Siri got home, she heard Michelle’s voice from the door, from the sound of it, she was quarreling with her husband and it was about the baby issue. Siri stood by the door for a while then proceeded with caution; she was sneaking into her room to avoid getting caught in the crossfire when Michelle walked out of her room.

She bolted at the sight of Michelle, momentarily standing there like a statue. “Welcome back” Michelle said boisterously, walking pass her without waiting for a response and then walked back to explain what had been happening to Siri in a very loud voice obviously to provoke a responses from her currently mute husband.

She explained that, Mudia didn’t want to come with her to the church she went to two days ago where the prophet prophesied to her that she should come with her husband and undergo a one week rigorous fasting and prayer.

The woman was so angry and shouting so loudly, Siri knew it would be dangerous to remind her that she can invite the devil from the depth of hell and make him dance reggae on their center table with all his horns and scary artifacts and yet Mudia’s mind will remain unmoved. He doesn’t believe in prophets and he never has.

Michelle knows that, but insists on persuading him. Siri followed her into the sitting room and advice her to calm down and talk to him about it later.

It took a while but Michelle finally settled down. Mudia noticed that the coast was clear and then tip-toed out of the house. Michelle rolled her eyes at him as he walked like a gentle cat towards the main door.

Siri really hopes and prays that they get pregnant soon, with the relentless desperation that Michelle was pursuing her quest with, it wouldn’t be unthinkable for her to venture into something regrettable in her search for the presence of a baby that is her own.

Also her brother wasn’t exactly reassuring, she hopes that even though he doesn’t believe in such intensive prayers, he should at least indulge her and show that he too is concerned about the situation.

With Mudia’s absence from the house, Michelle soon calmed down and began preparing dinner; Siri went inside to change into a casual house wear so she could help Michelle in the kitchen, she also called Oyoma to come do the dishes.

In the kitchen Siri’s phone rang and it was Kate; she called to give Siri information about a managerial position that is open at her uncle’s hotel. Siri has never thought of taking a job outside of her field but this was worth checking out, and with the added member to their household she felt the need to start pulling her own financial weight around the house.

She thanked Kate and ended the call, then told Michelle about it; Michelle didn’t see anything wrong with the idea, according to her, she can take that job till she gets the one she wants.


At about 10 P.M Siri went into the kitchen to get juice and saw Mudia alone in the sitting room listening to the news, she went to sit next to him and after the news. She brought up the issue of what happened earlier, he told her that he was only trying to be calm because he doesn’t want her to feel pressured about getting pregnant and that it does affect him badly that they haven’t been able to conceive yet.

Siri knew that, she didn’t need him to say it, but she did encouraged him to tell his wife, to break down the mounting fear in her head, he promised he would but insisted never to follow her to one of those prophets of hers.

When Siri got back into her room, she thought of Jeff and also about meeting his mother the next day, she was nervous about it because of how intensely the mother cares for Jeff and also because of Jeff’s closeness with the woman and how she not liking Siri could spoil a lot of things.

Jeff did assured her that his mother is the nicest person in the world but then who doesn’t think their mother is the best?…


But really, who doesn’t think his or her mother is the best? See ya tomorrow…


  1. Patient is a virtuous every one should look and prayed for, there is time for everything,@ Michelle. Siri, Jeff is a babymom it will take some time before they can go along.

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