It was a month later and things have been perfect between Siri and Jeff. They see each other every day and she had told Michelle about him, Siri has been all smiles and no frowns since she met him and at times when she got bad news from her interviews, she still went home happy.

Jeff makes her heart sing with joy in ways unimaginable to her, it was like before she met him the world was baseless as it was before creation. Being with Jeff made her feel like she had been told that sugar is the sweetest thing in the world and then she tasted honey and found out there is a height to perfection and she was now at its peak.

Siri and Michelle have begun to get along again, Michelle is now nicer to Oyoma, helping the young girl with her homework and tutoring her in parts where she experiences difficulty. However, there was still some abhorrence left in Michelle which Siri tries to wish away like she has a magical gene in a bottle.

This morning, when Siri woke up, she got a call from RISE FM, a radio station where she went for an interview a month ago, she was so excited and rushed down in great expectation for the job. The man who called didn’t explicitly state that she had the job but he used the word “come in” which Siri interpreted as “resume.”

She packed lunch for herself and prepared in full gear to resume work but unfortunately, she wasn’t the only one that got the call, it was four of them and they wanted to choose between them.

They went in one after the other and at the end, they picked someone else. It was like a dozen pints of blood was drilled from Siri’s vein. She went to the back of the radio station and sobbed a little and then ate her packed lunch, pecking from each side, hoping that no one sees her or takes a picture of her and then uploads it on the internet where she will get mocked.

Instead of going back home and being alone, she called Kate and went to her place. Kate was so happy to see her. They sat on her mattress and talked for long, mainly gossiping friends of theirs from school.

Kate talked about a friend of theirs from the university who is now married to a very old man. She said that the girl is only with the man for his money and rumour has it that she never really graduated.

Kate’s forehead cringed as she listened to Siri who usually has no idea how to gossip or say mean things about others even behind their backs. And it immediately felt like the Siri she remembers when Siri added that.

“Maybe she fell in love with the man and his money had little to do with it” but Kate teased her for seeing love everywhere since she is in love with her “new bobo” Siri didn’t argue that, even a blind man could see that she is head over hills in love.

Her time with Kate was so well spent and by the time Jeff called her, she was already feeling relieved about her earlier disappoint with the job, he drove down to Kate’s place to pick her and Siri introduced them to each other. Jeff asked if Kate wanted to come out with them but she declined, she said she had to make dinner for her uncle.


At Jeff’s house, he told Siri how attached he now is to her and how strange and comfortable that was for him. He also said he wanted her to meet his mother if she doesn’t think it was too soon.

Siri was glad about it, she wanted to meet his mother and even wanted him to meet her brother and his wife but she didn’t bring that up, they agreed on a date to go see his mother and she went into his kitchen to help him cook.

He was standing next to her the whole time; all his kitchen utensils were brand new and obviously had never been used. She teased him of always eating out but he said that he eats at his mother’s place, which caused him further and more profound teasing and even inspired the nickname “mama’s boy”


Jeff and Siri are meant to be? (A) yes (B) no (C) maybe… it’s getting to the good stuff. See ya tomorrow.


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