Siri has two brothers and being the only girl, they tend to spoil her a lot, she loves her brothers so much that they are her best friends, her eldest brother Mudia has an intricate personality; always broody but he is actually softer than a large bowl of wool.

Mudia has been handling all her bills even before their mother passed away. He had blamed their mother’s death on their father and hasn’t returned to the village since after the funeral five years ago.

He had made them change their surname, insisting that their father’s promiscuity when he was younger had left him with too many children and he doesn’t want to be associated with him anymore.

Evans didn’t dare dispute the idea but Siri didn’t easily succumb, she later took their side after much persuasion, being that the name was their father’s middle name and not an entirely different name.

Siri has been living with Mudia and his wife since she graduated from the university.

Though their father hasn’t always been an easy man and had a lot of women, most of which he wasn’t probably married to, but had children with them, and he has so many children that Siri hasn’t even met half of them.

Still, Siri was never as affected by it as her eldest brother was, none of the kids were, no one other than Mudia saw anything wrong with the situation, to them it was perfectly mundane and that annoyed Mudia the most.

When the news came that their father was very sick and might die at any moment, Siri begged her brother to come home with her but he wouldn’t budge, so she went alone.

Her immediate older brother, Evans lives in Warri and she doesn’t get to see him as often as she would like, because of his busy lifestyle. Evans is a professional comedian and has made quite a name for himself in his field.


Moments later, Siri heard Michelle’s phone ring in the sitting room, so she ran outside to see if it was Jeff, the guy who found her phone and it was him. He told her that he was outside her street and couldn’t find the house she described.

She went outside to meet him, he honked the horn for her and she walked up to his car, when he gestured that she get inside his car, she turned her head in refusal and so he got out of the car to talk with her.

The conversation was easier now; she smiled at him and didn’t refuse when he asked if he could see her again.

He seemed funny with a twisty sense of humour. Making cautious jokes and teasing her about being in such a hurry during their earlier encounter.

Siri felt a little shy with him but then, how could she not be? Every word that came out of his mouth made her brush and then, he made physical contact with her by slight bruising his hand on her shoulder. And Siri felt her heart melt like ice-cream.

After they exchanged their contacts, Siri walked away, feeling that everything about her new friend brings her brother, Evans’ thought to mind, the way he talks, walks, smile and worse, his looks. She immediately dialed her brother’s phone number. I’m missing that guy too much she said to herself…


Fasty guy nor be thief. Biko, exactly how does ice-cream melt??? See ya tomorrow…  


  1. Awww…pipi don’t u think Siri is falling for him without knowing? hmmm…am patiently waiting for 2mao…bye for now..????????

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