Jeffery has been at the bus-stop for over an hour and has watched two cars load with passengers and drove off, but he couldn’t bring himself to get on any of them.  He stood there in morbid contemplation, if he should go see his biological father for the very first time or not and also if this was the best time to see him if at all.

Same thought he has struggled with since his mother’s oldest friend, the only living soul who knows his paternal history, dropped by on her way to go visit her daughter in the north, so she could tell Jeff’s mother that her son’s father might be dying.

Asaba wasn’t exactly along her way, but the woman was benevolent enough to take a detour from her route and give Jeff a final chance to say goodbye to his biological father, if need be.

Frankly, Jeff hasn’t spent a lot of time thinking about the man till this recent piece of information came to light, he was contented with the stories of him he had been fed, and since his mother remarried and his stepfather was a kind man, Jeff didn’t feel any void in him for the man who lied and betrayed his mother. Knowing now that the man might be dying, and he might lose his only chance to meet him, brings back some of Jeff’s teenage longing.

Jeff’s mother wanted him to make the decision for himself and gave him an address to his father’s house but insisted that he shouldn’t go with his car that the village is crawling with vicious witches. That advice Jeff took, not because he believed her but because she insisted.

And now, he can’t go through with it, he has been so ready for this years back, and if he was asked then, there would be nothing he would want more but never did he imagined it to be this exceptionally daunting.

He was about to call it a day when he saw a pretty girl that caught his eyes and decided to accidentally bump into her on purpose, at least, his journey to the motor park wouldn’t be a complete waste.


As Siri’s shoulder bruised forcefully against the stranger’s, she stopped to mumble an apology to him, but it was barely audible.

She surely wasn’t paying so much attention to the road ahead, just very eager to get home and take a shower, after being huddled together in the backseat of a tiny Toyota space bus for over five hours, sitting next to a lady with four children presumably with less than ten months age differences between each of them, noisy, unruly, and sticky just like their mother.

All through the journey she was polite, even when the kids threw stuff at her, but she couldn’t be so nice to the stranger.

“Sorry” he said “I should have been more watchful. My name is Jeffery” But Siri didn’t pay any attention to his obvious flirting or gave any response to his greeting, apology and introduction which he managed to roll into one speech.

She walked away even when he was trying to start a conversation with her. As she walked on, she looked back to check him out and he was well dressed, considerably cute and somehow looked a lot like her brother Evans, but, she concluded that she was just missing her brother because that’s how it is with her, whenever she’s missing someone, almost everyone else she comes across looks like that person.


When Siri got home, Michelle, her eldest’s brother’s wife was home alone in a sore mood; it wasn’t so hard to guess the reason behind her mood, since Michelle has gotten a magnet for foul moods of late. At the sight of Siri, she sprinted to her feet and rushed forward with a hug, immediately replacing her frown with a smile.

Michelle told her that, her brother, Mudia hasn’t yet returned from work, they shared a few talks about her trip and she hurried inside to change her clothes; it didn’t take long before she noticed her phone was missing, Michelle offered to call the line with her own phone which she swiftly did.

After ringing twice, someone picked up and it was the stranger from earlier, Siri was now very polite and even nice too; he told her that he would bring it to her even after she suggested that she would go pick it up from where ever he was.

Siri didn’t argue with him, her mother used to say, “The one who needs something always stretches the longest hand”

She went back to her room to take out her clothes from the luggage box, her thought went to the uncanny resemblance between her immediate older brother and the stranger she ran into, then shifted to how she was to convince Mudia to go home and see their father so he doesn’t have any regrets in case the old man dies of the illness that has quietly over taken him…


Do you think Jeff took Siri’s phone on purpose??? See ya tomorrow…

17 thoughts on “CHAPTER ONE – THE ENCOUNTER PT 1

  1. F*cking interesting.

    I’ll be here tomorrow.
    Jeff is too gentle a guy to snatch a lady’s phone. It must have failed coincidental and he purposely kept quiet about it.

  2. Hmmm….I’m loving this…I think he collected her phone on purpose…no wait! maybe he didn’t …can’t wait for tomorrow to cum cos I LOVE LOVE….??????

  3. Jeff couldn’t b a thief, am lookin forward to see from d next post how he got home wit d phone but i see God’s hand of connection upon them

  4. I think Jeff is a perfect gentlemen. Perhaps fate just shown on him_creating a perfect scenerio to meeting with Sirius.

    We’ll always keep in touch Tasha. Thanks.

  5. He might have taken the phone on purpose, I wonder how siri will feel when found out that Jeff is actually her brother lol… just thinking though, nice piece

  6. @tama precious, u’re thinking wat am also thinking right! dat siri maybe jeff’s sister, anyways time will tell. u self tasha u wnt to kill sombori wiv suspense abi.

  7. osariemen Jeffery says:

    yea…..jeff took her phone on purpose or he didn’t….I guess he want to know her name…and likely to be her friend….can’t wait till tomorrow….l love it

  8. Babatunde Ayomide says:

    Nice one! Keep it up babe, yea he took the phone on a purpose i”ll call it a clever guy”s prank see me here tomorrow.

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