The first time Jeff heard the story, he was eight years old; at least that was his earliest memory of. His mother would talk about how her business was thriving and how she fell in love with a man only for him to make away with all her savings.

Her friend, Regina would come around and she would find a way to incorporate it into every conversation. She just met his stepfather at the time and she was skeptical about being with him.

Regina would tell her that because one man was awful to her doesn’t mean the entire male community would, it took her a while to let Johnson Obi into her life and when he died, she insisted that love loathes her.

Jeff loves his mother more than anything in world; the woman has had more than her fair share of grief, because of which she lets sadness clothe her. When he was younger, she would always cry and he promised himself never to be one of the things that would bring her grief when he grows up.

Since he told her about Siri, she has been so happy, always asking for when he was going to bring her home to see her, yesterday when he didn’t bring her over, she gave him an earful about it.

Siri smiled at him as they journeyed down to his mother’s place, he told her more about his mother and her business, “she is a simple and loving woman, you don’t have to be nervous about meeting her” he said.

The way his face lights up when he talks of his mother and the amount of love he seems to possess for the mother was what scared Siri. With the way he loves her, she would be the final say on all his relationships and his mother wouldn’t have to say more than just one word to compel Jeff into dismissing Siri for good.

Siri couldn’t help herself; she had never met a boyfriend’s mother before. None of her prior relationships had gotten that far. The last one almost did; he had promised to take her to his parents the next weekend after he returned from his trip. While he was away, she had gone to his place to make sure the food in his freezer didn’t go bad due to power failure.

To her surprise, he was home and that wasn’t the shocking part; he was with a girl and when she walked in, he introduced her to the other girl as his friend. It was a wonder how she didn’t faint right there.

He never bothered calling to explain himself and didn’t take her calls when she called. She was so overtaken with heartbreak that she had to be hospitalized.

She looked at Jeff who seems sincerely excited about her meeting his mother; he smiled at her and tried to make a joke to lighten the mood. The Yemi Alade song “Ferrari” came up on the radio and he changed the station.

Siri burst into laughter telling him the song isn’t infectious and that she can listen to it without wanting him to buy her a Ferrari but he joked that he didn’t want her getting any ideas.

As hilarious and equally ridiculous Jeff’s jokes are, Siri’s mind refused to rest about meeting Jeff’s mother. There was just a thought lying pendulously on her mind “what if Jeff’s mother has some objection about me?”


Quick question; would you marry a man or woman whom your mother particularly warned you against???

5 thoughts on “CHAPTER NINE-MAMA’S BOY PT1

  1. Jeffrey Madiba says:

    Hahahahahahaaaaa….. I like that Ferrari part. Wetin make Jeff dey fear na, abi he nor fit buy Ferrari ni??? ????
    OK now seriously, if I have known her VERY well and I feel she’s the one, I’d supposed that my mom didn’t know her that much, hence her indifferent feelings; I will understand.
    But I will try all possible means to make her (mom) like her (my dove) and be convinced to marry her.

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