When Siri and Jeff drove into the parking space of Jeff’s mother’s bungalow; Siri felt her heart pound faster, he held her hands and they walked in together. His mother must have heard them drive in because she ran to the door and hugged Siri fiercely even before any introduction was made, immediately wiping off Siri’s nervousness.

She led Siri to a long couch, completely forgetting about her son at the door; her connection with the woman was instantaneous,  she sat next to Siri and asked her what she wanted, she wouldn’t take no for an answer and then went to get her a box of juice.

Jeff winked at her from the other side and she smiled back, “mom, you didn’t ask me what I wanted” he said to his mother as she returned from the kitchen.

“You know your way around, get yourself something or sit there waiting for me” Mrs. Obi said to her son barely turning to look at him.

She basically adored Siri. After setting down the drink on a stool, she went and brought out an old photo album and showed her pictures of Jeff growing up; he tried to rescue off the photo album from his mother but she got the upper hand. He then ran off into the room in embarrassment as Siri glance through the sequence of his growth over the years which was carefully arranged in the photo album.

Mrs. Obi went into her kitchen to finish preparing the food and Siri followed her. They heard Jeff sneak into the sitting room to steal the photo album and Siri told him she had seen all she needed to see. Mrs. Obi and Siri laughed at him as he put on his grumpy face.

“That face looks adorable on you, Mr. grumpy” Siri teased.

Jeff turned on the television to prevent from hearing his best two women in the world gang up against him so fiercely.

Soon they were done in the kitchen and the table was set; he went to sit with them but his mother reminded him to go wash his hands which cause yet another round of mockery from Siri.

After the meal, they came back to the sitting room; Mrs. Obi had a series of questions for Siri which she asked subtly, working them into the conversation as they sat in front of the television.

Siri told her she graduated a year ago from the State’s University and just got a job, and also that she lives with her brother and his wife; that their mother passed away five years ago. That induced Mrs. Obi’s sympathy and she consoled Siri about it, telling her that no matter how long it takes, losing a mother never stop hurting.

When Siri told her the village she is from, that got the mood down a spiral, the colour of the woman’s face quickly turned to gray, followed by a cumbersome silence that got Jeff immediately nervous. His mother has always been touchy when it comes to that village because of her history with it.

Mrs. Obi did try to keep a smiling face before Siri had to leave; she walked them to the door and gave Siri a hug. They were already by the car when Mrs. Obi called back Jeff; he unlocked the car and told her to wait for him inside while he go find out what his mother wants.

He walked in and she locked the door behind him. The woman had a serious demand, you can’t continue your relationship with that girl” she said.

He looked at his mother who wouldn’t say more on the issue, “but why” he asked. She didn’t say, only repeated what she had already said…


But why? What’s Jeff gonna do now???

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