Later that day, Kate came to the house, she too wanted to gawk at the ring which she did for a second but wasn’t as much as a-romantic as Michelle and Siri were.

She was happy, and wanted to start planning the wedding immediately “no one is talking about getting married yet, we just got engaged” Siri said.

“Oh, I hope this is not like one of those engagements that last for two years” Kate asked cynically poking Siri on her chest.

“It’s not, but we just got engaged, and we have to enjoy our engagement for a while” Siri assured.

“Well, if it last more than two years, I’ll start calling you ‘lady of the rings” Kate threatened.

Before Kate left, Siri took her to her room and talked to her about her situation with Anthony, she didn’t want to tell her what to do but she did encouraged her to give it a try despite the drastic age difference, pointing out to Kate that the only reason she isn’t aware of her affection for Anthony is because she feels compelled to reciprocate it.

After she left, Siri and Michelle talked about the doctor and the new course of treatment. She said it’s expensive but according to the doctor, very productive.

She then mentioned to Michelle that Mudia seemed to be using his inhaler more often of late and she was beginning to wonder if he was alright, Michelle told her that it must be as a result of the cold weather.

Mudia has been battling with asthma all his life and he rarely has any serious attack but whenever he is been bothered about a pressing issue, he would seem to be losing his breath more recurrently causing a more frequent use of his inhaler.

Siri didn’t want Michelle to feel like she knows her husband more than she does but she sure understood Mudia more than any living soul and the weather is most definitely not the cause of his frequent use of his inhaler. She intends to inquire from him what was bugging him.


In the evening Siri called her brother Evans to tell him about her engagement, he said he would visit soon; he was very happy and couldn’t wait to meet her fiancé.

Siri retired to her room very early that evening, she wasn’t tired or anything, actually, she felt more awake than ever, but she just want to be alone with her new ring.

The thought of her mother came to mind and she was sad that she wouldn’t get to be at her wedding, which broke her heart. She really wished her mother was alive, it would have made it perfect, but she wasn’t less grateful for how her life has turned out.

People go far and wide in search of something resembling what she has right now but she so happened to stumble upon hers along the road and didn’t even noticed it, and oddly, it wasn’t even on her best day. She wasn’t nice, wasn’t polite and definitely wasn’t on her best behaviour.

She never believed these things, to her, a perfect life doesn’t happen for anyone, finding someone you feel so connected to, so attached to like you were breed from the same bunch, wasn’t something she believed in but she is a believer now…


Aren’t you just happy for Siri? Or are you still skeptical about some things?


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