“I have a ring, I mean, I bought a ring, last week, and I want you to have it” Jeff said, nervously shuddering most of the words. Siri looked at him trying to decipher his cryptic words. Then he brought out the little velvet box containing the ring he apparently bought.

She felt her hands tingle, “you bought a ring, for me?” Siri asked unable to mask her excitement.

“Yes, I wanted to ask if you would marry me” Jeff was trying to smile but he was tensed, he planned it to be romantic, he thought of it and he wasn’t supposed to ask her today, but she was sitting on the couch with him, seeing a movie and never wanted her to be far from him and the words just fell out.

“Are you asking me now, to marry you?” Siri asked looking at his face with beaming smile like a child whose parents were just about to give the biggest present ever.

Then he went on bended kneels, and asked her if she would please marry him and she said “yes” nodding her head like she was moving to a rhythm. Gently, he placed the ring on her finger and hugged her, tears formed around her eyes, and with all her attempts not to cry, it fell to her face and then he kissed her.

All her dreams, fantasies, expectations, hopes and anything good in this life that anyone could ever dare to wish for, she felt like she just received, and it was worth over ten person’s good karma, a privilege she felt undeserving of.

And in that moment, she was scared; she knew that if you love someone so much and then lose them, it could kill you faster than a piercing knife to the heart. But fear seems small compared to the love that has dragged her heart to the ground. The entrenchment she felt with him was truly out of this world.

She was there till the evening; and had called Kate shouting at the top of her lungs that she was engaged. To say she was happy would be a terrible understatement.


When Siri got home her brother and his wife were home, she showed them the ring, and they were joyous for her, her brother hugged her and pecked her.

She and Michelle went into her room and stared at the ring, she was practically drooling when Siri narrated to her how Jeff proposed. They went over and over it again and again still Michelle wasn’t tired of hearing it neither was Siri tired of telling it.

The perfect thing about the proposal was that it wasn’t perfect, or well-thought out, Siri knew that it was pure impulse and if a man’s impulse urges him to want to marry you then you have nothing in the world to fear, its love, it’s not calculated, not planned, and without doubt perfect and that is why Jeff’s love for Siri makes her float on air.

Tell me, did you see this coming??? 


  1. Jeffrey Madiba says:

    Not in the world!
    I never saw this coming. wooowww!!! I’m happy for both of them. Let’s see how it unfolds.

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