Siri walked into the office to greet her interviewer, a chunky looking man with humourless, military attitude. He offered her a seat in front of him and began the interview.

Less than an hour later, Siri walked out of the interview hopeful, but before she got to the roadside, that hope had withered off like leaf that is out of season, just as she remembered that she had same feeling about every interview she had attended and yet no job.

It didn’t take long for Jeff to come pick her up; as they drove over to his place, the thought of her interview or job search was driven far from mind as he made her laugh so loud with his ridiculously bad jokes which reminded her of when her brother, Evans practice his stage performance on her.

His home didn’t seem so far away with the enjoyable conversation. Inside his apartment was immaculate and smelled so fresh, she commended him on being a very tidy guy. He couldn’t help but come clean to her that he put the whole place in order because he didn’t want her to think he was lousy.

After offering her a seat, he poured her a glass of wine and did same for himself, then sat next to her as he answered all the questions she had to ask him.

The questions ranged from his childhood to his career and religion, she even asked about his political believes like it was a determining factor of whether or not she would accept him.

Jeff told her about his close knitted relationship with his mother, and how it was because he is an only child and since his father died a long time ago, each other was all they both had.

He also mentioned that he moved into the apartment less than a year ago because he was getting mocked by his friends for still living with his mother at his age.

He had so much to share about himself and his relationship with his mother that she didn’t even get to tell him a lot about herself. They ended up talking about his career and how he was enjoying it.

When it was time to leave, he asked casually if it would be so out of order if she spent the night, she considered it for a moment tilting her head and twisting her lips like the decision was happening on her face.

She didn’t want to go home and though Siri had never believed in soul mates, she completely believed that all the other boys who broke her heart before, did her a favour because Jeff makes her heart sing.

Having to decline his request was hard for her but she didn’t want to go at the pace her heart was racing. Being with him feels like the universe was making amends for all the awful people she has crossed paths with over the years.

She was giddy all day long, Siri thought she was in love with her ex-boyfriend, after their break-up she had been so sick that she had to be hospitalized for days but now she understands that whatever she felt for that guy was a joke and this is the real deal.


At home Mudia told Siri that Oyoma will be around the next day and she would have to go pick her up at the park, and that Oyoma would be registered in a school not so far from them.

When Siri got into her room, she read a text massage from Jeff and that got her smiling so much that she forgot all about the ill-mannered teenager that would be joining them the next day…


Do you believe in soul mates? Do you think Jeff is Siri’s soul mate? I think I’m gonna go back to bed, I neva sleep finish… see ya tomorrow.


  1. Yeah, I believe in fate. Although fate can be altered by our decisions. Jeff seems to know what he want and the perfect ways to get it.

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