Michelle and Mudia got married six years ago, and since then, she has had two miscarriages, the last miscarriage was two years ago and she hasn’t been pregnant again since that time.

Her best friend, Chinwe, has been taking her from one church to the other for prayers; almost every week, she undergoes diverse rigorous fasting programs. Her situation has been quite a torment on her but more than anything, her husband’s tepid attitude towards it made it worst, he doesn’t in anyway consider it troubling that they have been unable to bear a child for six years.

The first three years of the marriage she was scared that he didn’t want kids because of how unfazed he seemed by their inability to conceive but he was so happy when she got pregnant and as much as he tried to conceal his disappoint after the first miscarriage, it was obvious that he was completely distressed by it.

After the second miscarriage, she had suggested that he followed her to the other churches she was attending for prayers but he unwaveringly declined, he wouldn’t attend any other church other than his own and his equanimity with their situation is now becoming much exasperating to Michelle.

When Siri woke up and walked into the sitting room that morning, she met Michelle soaking the couch pillows with tears. It was immediately clear to Siri what has happened, her menstruation must have started, this happened every time Michelle gets it.

She walked up to her at snail pace, and severed the pillow from her then took the pillow’s position, “it’s okay, don’t cry” Siri said to her in a soft tone. Michelle eased out of the hug.

“It’s not okay, I’m tired, my period was late my three days and with hope that I was pregnant I bought the pregnancy stick yesterday and this morning before I could use it, my period started” She said in tears.

Siri pushed closer to her and encouraged her not to be upset; she then asked her what the doctor is saying about the issue, Michelle explained that the doctor said that her and her husband are perfectly healthy.

For almost an hour she sat across from Michelle who sobbed softly, Siri cradled her in her hands like a delicate flower and consoled her. She understood Michelle’s frustration, she’s trying so hard and still failing every month, worse still, her husband’s cold exterior must seem like he isn’t bothered, but Mudia has always been that way.

In every situation, strength is his right hand man, never allowing anyone to see him scared, not that Siri blame him for that, he had had to cater for four and at a very tender age, including himself and their mother, now, being strong is far too familiar to him, still he needs to show his wife that he isn’t so relaxed.

She made food for Michelle and made her take a bath, then went into her room to ready for yet another job interview. When she picked up her phone, she saw five miss calls from Jeff. She looked at the time.

“Would call him from the bus” she said to herself as she threw the phone on the bed and took off her clothes…


Do you think Mudia is worried about being a bad father? Is that why he doesn’t seem to care if himself and his wife got pregnant or not??? See ya tomorrow…


  1. Start typing… Mudia could be worried but fail to show his emotion and not showing his emotion has not really make him a bad father

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