Michelle and Siri got home, Oyoma’s new school to meet Chinwe in front of the house. Michelle apologized for not returning on time and Chinwe reminded her that they were supposed to go to a church service that morning which they have already missed.

When they got inside, Siri told them that she was leaving to meet her friend, Kate, giving Chinwe the chance to state her piece about the additional member of Michelle’s household.

“In my place, they say ‘a person who is carrying a load as heavy as an elephant doesn’t use his legs to dig up crickets’ I told you before, this girl will bring only bad things. You see, just a day of being here you have missed an important prayer session that might have been the solution you have been looking for” Chinwe said angrily protruding out her neck like a tortoise.

Michelle was silent and when she attempted to speak, her friend interrupted her, emphasizing her points that it was wrong for her husband to fill the house with his siblings and it is stupid that she is allowing him.

After a lot of talk, Chinwe brought her voice down and told Michelle that it’s her house and she can do whatever she wants and she is only so concern because of their friendship. Michelle had her head down like a child who is being scolded by the mother; she was nodding as her friend cautioned her.

“Don’t be fooled, I know you love your husband’s family but you don’t know if that love is reciprocated in equal fold; you never know where your problems are coming from, you see how Edesiri bring that skinny friend of hers, Kate, here every day, wearing those mini clothes and cooking for your husband” Chinwe said with so much emotion and the most sincerest tone.

”Kate is not trying to steal my husband, she is a good girl and I consider her a friend” Michelle defended.

“She is younger than you and you haven’t been able to get pregnant yet, you don’t know if Edesiri is trying to replace you with her friend which in your words is a good girl” Chinwe’s words were burrowing a hole in Michelle’s head and she couldn’t help but consider it and it didn’t help that Kate is always in the house, sitting next to her husband telling jokes all the time.

After Chinwe left, Michelle went back into her room to tidy up the place and ready to go open her shop, the thought of what Chinwe had said resonated in her head all day long.


When Michelle returned from the market that evening, Siri was back with her friend, Kate, preparing something in the kitchen, the aroma made it impossible to walk away and so she joined them in the kitchen to see the delicacy that was covering her nostril.

Siri told her she was making banga soup for her brother the way their mother used to, she said Oyoma had reminded her of it and just how much Mudia used to love it.

When Michelle got back into her room, she had a bad feeling in the pit of her stomach; it wasn’t the first time Siri was making special delicacy for her brother and she usually enjoys how Siri tends to want to pamper her brother and how he reciprocates it but not today.

She thought maybe it was because of her friend’s words and she didn’t want Chinwe’s insinuation to cause a rift in her household but still, she believed the advice to be a wake-up call that would be moronic to ignore…


Does Chinwe’s insinuation have any form of validity? Do you think she has any reason to worry?… I have to get to today’s task, see ya tomorrow.


  1. Start typing…Michelle seem to be gentle and quiet wife but she’s losing her possition and authority as a wife, Chinwe is just tryin to help her weak point

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