As Oyoma stepped out of the bus, and her gaze fell upon the beauty of the unfamiliar city. She was beyond amazed by its magnificence, this is the first place she has ever been other than the village, Orovia it was so bright and everything looked intriguing to her even the petty sellers along the road.

She smiled mildly, clutching her “Ghana must go” under her armpit. She has heard a lot of stories about the city and how there are thieves and pickpockets everywhere. Not that she was carrying anything of value but then, the thieves wouldn’t know that.

She stood in front of the bus stop, with eager eyes stretching her neck to every corner looking to see Siri; the noise of traffic and peddlers making her twirl around and blink frantically. She felt someone tapped her shoulder from behind, then turned around quickly to find that it was Siri, Oyoma jumped on her with a big hug.

Siri welcomed her and held her hands while they crossed the road to get on the bus. On their way, Oyoma told Siri how bad their father’s health had gotten; she said the first son had decided to take him to a traditional healer who is rumoured to be very skilled with his herbs.

The news worried Siri but she wasn’t there to make any difference and that wasn’t of immediate concern.


At home, Michelle was in the sitting room waiting for them, her friend, Chinwe was there with her and she wasn’t at ease with the news that yet another relative will be living with Michelle and her husband.

She told Michelle that perhaps her husband wouldn’t be contented till he brings his entire village to come live with them, her words sprung up some reservations for Michelle. They were just right in the middle of the conversation when Siri and Oyoma came in.

Oyoma greeted Michelle and her friend and told them how her journey was; she then followed Siri to her room where Siri cleared out her bottom drawer for Oyoma to keep her few things.

She wanted to call Jeff and tell him about the arrival of her Half-sister. Since she met him, she always wants to call and talk to him every minute of everyday but she wouldn’t let her affection decimate her sense of reason and then drive Jeff away with her insipid hovering.


The next day Michelle and Siri took Oyoma to register at her new school. The principal was a cocky man of indeterminate age, lean except for a seriously round belly that suggested an affection for beer, with a condescending dry wit that Michelle didn’t particularly care for.

He gave Oyoma a series of necessary questions made for her intended class that the young girl couldn’t answer. The principal told Michelle that it isn’t possible to put Oyoma in jss3 (junior secondary school3) as her performance is barely even good enough for jss1.

Michelle made attempts to persuade him to leave Oyoma in the class that she would catch up in time and if she doesn’t eventually, he could demote her. But the man insisted not to, he said the student in that class are far ahead of her and there isn’t any way she could catch up since they copy by dictation and she can’t even spell.

Siri encouraged Michelle to let Oyoma start from jss1 and she might join the jss3 student to write the junior WAEC in jss2 if by then she had got better.

After a while, Michelle concord to Siri’s suggestion and the forms were filled. The principal called a teacher to come take Oyoma to her new class and Siri went with her while Michelle sorted out the fees with the principal.

Outside, Siri advised Oyoma to be well behaved, telling her that first impressions are everything…


Have you ever made a bad first impression? And Michelle’s friend, Chinwe, do you think her advice has some bases? See ya tomorrow…


  1. Hehehehehe…. that description of the school principal though ???
    E clear say the guy dey take Gulder wel wel.
    Then Chinwe, in my opinion I think she’s a bad fellow. E get some aproko wey nor follow at all. Make she go her husband house

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