Lunch time ended quickly and Kate had to leave Siri to get back to work. On her way out she ran into Anthony driving into the hotel, she stood by to wait for him to park his car.

When he walked up to Siri and Kate, they greeted him, and then observed an awkward silence, Siri decided to excuse herself so they might continue their blooming silence or probably try speaking to one another instead of staring aimlessly at each other.


When Siri got home, Michelle was lying on the couch, looking frail and pale. She had begun the new fertility treatment and it has been taken a toll on her.

Siri sat next to her and asked if she wanted anything but she didn’t, she said Oyoma had been attending to her and taking excellent care of her every need. She said that the doctor assured her that the nausea and weakness will only persist for the duration of the treatment.

At bed time, Siri sat up on her bed, she had made it sort of a bedtime ritual to stare at her engagement ring before going to bed. It made it hard for her to sleep because of how much excitement she feels whenever she looks at the ring and this ritual has quickly become one of the highlights of her day.

She felt nauseated, her tummy was throbbing like she had eaten something that was bad for her and before she could say Jack Robinson, she was throwing up. She rushed into the bathroom and puked her guts out.

Her mind wondered round what she might have eaten that was causing this but couldn’t quite put a finger on it. Then a thought came to her mind; she was supposed to menstruate a week ago, she has been in such euphoric state that she had forgotten something so basic and fundamental.

“Oh my God! I’m pregnant” she exclaimed with panic…


Tell me, what do you think Jeff’s reaction would be to Siri’s pregnancy???

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