Weeks have gone by since after her engagement and Jeff has gotten to meet Mudia, the pair hit it off right away, though Mudia didn’t quite see the resemblance between Jeff and his brother, Evans.

Siri’s becoming quite better at her job and has learnt more about it with the help of Moses. That morning as she walked into her office, he was there, surprising Siri as to his reason for being in her office which she inquired promptly.

“I was dropping some files for you, it’s the salary sheet, and you have to sign on it” he said, looking her over lustfully.

Siri was irritated by his apparentness and wondered what had brought up such obscene attitude. She asked him to leave it on the table that she would get to it.

After he left, she brought out her phone to reply Kate’s messages. The girl has been very moody of late and it’s becoming alarming. But she couldn’t dwell on Kate’s issue as she has a pile of work to do. She has been feeling rather exhausted of recent, dosing off at all times, making it difficult to do her job efficiently.

During lunch-time she called Kate to ask if she would want to have lunch together at the hotel and it didn’t take long for Kate to get there, the girls sat across from each other making small talks.

Kate told Siri that she had considered a relationship with Anthony but she just can’t be at ease with the idea. So, she told him last night and he didn’t seem pleased with it but he said he didn’t want her to feel pressured and he would find a way to come to terms with her decision.

According to Kate, he left the house and didn’t return last night and hasn’t returned till that particular moment.

“Is it the age issue? Is that why you can’t be with him?” Siri asked.

“That’s not all, I know he is not family, biologically, but he feels like family. Thinking about him that way feels wrong and sinful, it’s just not right” Kate said averting her eyes from Siri.

“You like him, you might think it’s wrong that you do, but age is just age, it would be sinful if you were actually related or if he was married but he isn’t. He has grown to have feelings for you and so have you for him. Don’t wish this away simply because it seems a bit inappropriate.” Siri was sounding more like a therapist than a friend and Kate was staring at her like she was insane, if it was a few months back, all Siri would have been seeing would be the inappropriate side of this but love seems to have changed her.

“I trust your judgment Siri, if you of all people do not see anything wrong in this then I might be incline not to likewise but I’m the one in the middle of this and it doesn’t feel right” she responded putting an end to that segment of their discussion.

Kate skillfully replaced it with a more amicable one, which was about Siri’s engagement. Siri told her that she wanted Jeff to meet her brothers first and then they can set a date to go see her father in the village. She said Evans is very busy at the moment but would be visiting soon.


If you have to guess, why do you think Siri sees so much resemblance between her brother, Evans and her Jeff???  

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