At exactly 4P.M, Siri’s phone rang and it was Jeff, he was outside her street and so she went outside to bring him in, her brother had left the house already but Michelle was home, she really wanted him to meet her brother and she hoped he would be back before Jeff would have to leave.

Michelle offered him a seat and with his sweet charm, he made Michelle laugh and they bonded so quietly. Siri felt her heart come to life at the scene of Jeff and Michelle laughing and making jokes.

It was a story out of a book, a fantasy she has never dared to hope for, never in her life has she ever imagined loving anyone this fiercely, she didn’t think it was possible for anyone’s heart to love this hard.

Jeff waited for Mudia but it was getting late and he needed to leave, she saw him to his car, sat with him inside and didn’t wanted to leave, they talked about different things, little details of themselves that wouldn’t really matter, the conversation with him was so easy and effortless that she didn’t even know when she told him about Michelle and Mudia’s pregnancy issues.

Jeff told her that he knows a gynecologist who is famous for his job. He gave her his card and told her that he is a friend and should mention him when they call and he will find a way to fit them into his very busy schedule.

She was so glad that Jeff and Michelle had gotten off with such an auspicious start and since Michelle seemed to like him then Mudia might too. Her family isn’t such a tough crowd except for Evans who always has one or two resentment about who ever she is with.

When Siri returned to the house, her brother was back and Michelle already filled him in about Jeff and in her description “Jeff is perfect, very tall and handsome and kind of looks like Evans”

Mudia joked that she should be careful because with their father’s history, Jeff might just be their brother.

Siri assured him that she had thought of that and that both Jeff’s mother and late father are delta-Ibos so she’s out of the woods with that one…


What do you think Siri’s reaction would be when she finds out that Jeff lied about where he is from???


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