When Siri got home, it was already passed four and Michelle’s face was as high as a mountain. She was frowning so hard that she might actually break her face if she keeps it up.

Siri explained to her how eventful her day has been and it brightened Michelle’s face to hear that Siri got the job.

Siri didn’t have the time to change out of her work clothes before they both started out to the church; when they got there, the service had began already, so they sat at the back, Michelle kept yammering that she hated sitting at the back.

The preaching went on for so long; though Siri was born and bred in the Pentecostal way, she didn’t feel comfortable in the service, in her opinion, the prophet was taking advantage of the flock’s desperation and it was sad how they all clinched to his every word despite the obviousness of his trickery.

Though Michelle was sitting out back, her neck was almost stretching to the very front row. She was reaching for her blessing at the preacher’s command and so was everyone else.

The first thing Siri notices was how the majority of the congregations were women and how the preacher never opens the bible. She felt like the odd one in the crowd but had to keep up appearance to prevent Michelle from feeling bad.

Siri knew it would be a lot easier for Michelle to get lightening to strike same spot a gazillion times than to get Mudia to that church and even if she succeeded, he wouldn’t sit down but make a u-turn at the gate.

It was a few minutes to 6P.M and Jeff hadn’t called; she kept staring at her phone praying that Jeff calls and rescues her from this dungeon.

It got her attention when the preacher said all the single women in this building, this is your year of marriage” all the girls jumped, some went on their knees in prayer with both hands raised and eyes close, mumbling some prayers, Michelle poked Siri on her side to get up and receive it.

But she felt too self-conscious to, still she gave an impulsive “Amen” the preacher again said “before the end of this year, you will hear the sound of a baby in your household” and Michelle sprinted to her feet, protruding out her hands and drawing it all in. Her voice felt to Siri like loud chimes of desperation.

It was passed six and still no call from Jeff; she texted him and he replied that he was stock at work that they would have to reschedule. The news sunked her heart, still she was mildly relieved that she didn’t have to meet his mother just yet.

At pass seven, the service closed and Michelle went forward to meet the Prophet, who asked her to kneel down for prayers, after praying for her, she thanked him, put some money on the altar and they walked towards the exit door.

They were almost at the gate when the prophet sent a young girl to call them back, he said he had seen something in Siri; he looked at her strangely then asked her how old she was and she answered twenty-six.

For some seconds he was speechless, making her uncomfortable, “what do you see Prophet” Michelle pressured like the fate of the universe was in jeopardy.

“Be careful, I see a dark shadow following you, your recent Endeavour might bring doom” he said. He then asked her to kneel for prayers.


On their way home, Michelle suggested that the prophet’s vision must be about her new job, but Siri laughed it off.

When they got home, Mudia was home already; Siri told him about the Prophet’s vision jokingly and he mocked them both for allowing the silly man, in his ridiculous garment make a fool of them.

In his words “A true man of God teaches biblical principles and how to apply them into your life and get satisfying results and doesn’t perform miracles for money and attention”

Later that day at the dinner table, the family was all seated, having their evening meal together. It was such a rare occurrence that all of them were present at same time eating together.

Oyoma was fiercely munching the chicken leg like she was afraid that if she doesn’t eat it fast enough, it might just come back to life and walk right out of her plate.

Ease up on the poor chicken, you little vampire” Siri teased.

Mudia rushed to Oyoma’s defense, telling Siri that she was exactly the same when she was younger and that she practically inhales her meals making everyone worry that she might get constipation each time she puts food in her mouth.

Michelle thanked God that she had no sibling there to expose her poor table manners when she was younger but Mudia quickly reminded her that he had heard all the stories from her mother and she shouldn’t get so cocky.

And then called her by her childhood nickname “cooler” he told Siri and Oyoma that it was the name every one used to call Michelle because of how her mouth cold cool any food no matter how hot.

Siri and Oyoma laughed derisively at Michelle, who was smiling and poking her husband.


At night time Siri found herself distanced from sleep, the Prophet’s words wondered in and out of her mind making it tough to embrace the sweet caress of sleep.

It took a while but she finally rest easy on her brother’s words. “He just might be right” she convinced herself “I’m not about to give up a new job because of a silly vision”…


Visions and revelations, chickens and vampires. Why should Siri worry???


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