Siri woke and said her morning prayers, she had decided to tryout Kate’s idea about the managerial position at the hotel, and at night she had called her for more details.

She don’t want to give up her dreamed-career but the bridge that leads to that dream has been cut off and she now has to tryout other things till she can find a way to rebuild it.

She planned out her day to fit in all she needed to accomplish. She had promised Michelle to go with her to the church by 4P.M and has also agreed to go with Jeff to meet his mother too.

Since her interview was at 10A.M, she decided to do a little laundry before leaving the house. Kate had promised to go with her and put in a good word for her since her uncle owns the hotel.

Few minutes to 10A.M, she rushed out of the house and raced to the junction. She really wanted to make a good first impression by not being late but standing at the junction she witnessed at least four buses drive passed her already filled. It’s has become clear that the only impression she would be making today is that she can’t keep to time.

She paced around in panic and it didn’t help that Kate was messaging her on BBM (blackberry messenger) and blowing-up her phone. Another bus came by and she rushed to it, beating out others who were still standing by the roadside waiting on buses.

Siri texted Kate from the bus that she was on her way already and Kate cautioned that if Siri doesn’t arrive on time then she might not meet the owner of the hotel as he’s about to leave the hotel premises.

With all the stops the bus had to make on their way, it took Siri 20minutes to get to the hotel and Mr. Anthony, Kate’s uncle was already in his car with Kate standing by his door. Siri hurried down to them and breathlessly explained herself, blaming her delay on the airtight traffic.

He didn’t get out of his car, “let me see your C.V” he said stretching out his hand. She gave him her brown envelope, after perusing through it for a short while; he gave it back to her.

“You obviously don’t have any experience with managing a hotel” he said, but before Siri could offer a word in defense, he cut her off and said “what I need is trust not experience, go in and ask for Moses, he would briefly show you all you need to know” he said and drove off.

“Does this mean I just got the job?” she asked Kate who was smiling and protruding out her hands for a hug, the girls hugged and hurried inside.

After Kate left, Siri began to wonder why Kate’s uncle didn’t just let Kate manage the hotel since what he needed was trust not experience and they both studied the same course in school.

This also brought to mind Kate’s attitude around her uncle and how it seemed a bit inappropriate for blood relatives to be as close as they are but she soon scratched that thought away, telling herself that she had been favoured, and Kate is just close to her uncle because he is her only living relative, at least he is the only one she’s in relation with.

Siri had to be there till 3p.m; Moses had a lot to show her, it was a new hotel, which would be opening in few days.

She had read a text from Jeff earlier that they would be meeting his mother around 6P.M because that’s when she would be home from work.


Do you think there is anything fishy between Kate and her Uncle? See ya tomorrow…


  1. Jeffrey Madiba says:

    I think there’s something fishy between Kate and her Uncle. Else, how can you trust a complete stranger more than your own relative?
    Siri abeg work well o, nor be u cause am o. And make you go meet Jeff on time, cause this dude is as real as the rain. ????✌??

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