When Noah set out to build the ark, it wasn’t raining but he had heard from a sure source that it was going to rain and so, he should build an ark to protect himself and his family.

For the sake of this discussion let’s say an “ark” represents “financial security” and financial security means, saving for the future which is determined by the success of your life’s goals, having something in hand to fend for yourself should in case it rains.

There are a lot of hard working men and women out there in the society who are figuratively living in roofless apartments. The problem is not the lack of foresight, because they do plan.

They say, “Hmmm, when I have made it, I will buy range rover, I will build a big house and I will be like Alinko Dangote” they see the future, it’s bright and beautiful. Sadly, they see ten steps away but not the steps to getting there.

They see ten but they can’t see, one, two, three, or four. Is this unrealistic? Are they living in a fool’s paradise? Are they just being plain stupid? I wouldn’t completely agree.

To dream is a beautiful thing, but Noah didn’t just dream, did he? He didn’t just hear God say, “Build an ark” and then he went home to sleep. What he did was plan, it was a gigantic ark so Noah had to do a lot of planning even before the building began.

And what else did Noah did? He paid deaf ears to discouragers; he ignored the negative talkers, and concentrated on his assignment.

My dear, a man who is building an ark does not listen to negative comments. Let them talk; think only of the future and how to secure it from the destructive rain.

You read the bible so you know that the people didn’t cheer him on, it was actually at a time when the people had drawn away from God, so for him to come out with an instruction from God will only get him mocked at.

You might not have gotten your instructions whispered directly to you by God, but if He has a hand in it and you work hard at it without paying attention to the silly mockers who try to derail your dreams, you will get there.

But first, you have to consider the one, two, three and four of your steps. Thinking about years to come when you will have a range rover is all good and ambitious but it’s more than just that.

Build your ark today, you can see with your own eyes that it’s going to rain in the future or do you need an angel to come whisper it to you softly? “Go build your ark” idle people will talk about the size of your goals and dream but “but you people didn’t sleep together and dream it together” so don’t expect them to understand or support you.

Is it dry right now? Is the rain drizzling already? Or it’s about to pour? My dear, get your mind to work and build that ark because even if it doesn’t rain, even if you keep getting what you are getting right now for another two years, you will start to feel frustrated of that position and then need to step up…


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21 thoughts on “BUILD YOUR ARK TODAY

  1. The metaphorical presentation of our financial security as Noah’s ark is as revealing as it is inspiring. This is a skillful and subtle way of admonishing on life’s serious issues with a simple story. Thanks ‘Tasha

  2. Well personally d key msg I got in dis post is “paying deaf ears to discouragers, ignoring negative talkers, to concentrate on d assignment.” And all dis can be likened to “Feeding ur focus and starve ur distractions” if pssble to death. The truth is everyone knws d path to success bt not everyone is willing to pay d price in getting dere considering we now in a “microwave generation” God bless you Tasha.

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