Before you go BROKE

How much do you have in your bank account? I mean right now as you are reading this article. How much do you have in your purse, wallet, or bank account? If you sum up every penny you own together, how much would it be?

Now that you have quickly calculated it, ask yourself, would it take you to next week or next month? That is if nothing is added just as it is right now?

These questions aren’t just flimsy, and here is the point to them. I have come to the realization that most individuals start getting antsy once they get broke but never before. And sincerely that is highly reckless and profoundly careless.

Don’t wait till your finances flatline before you panic; because the truth is, no matter how much you have in your savings account or in your private-save, as far as no income is coming in, you’re BROKE.

My mother would always ask “if dem dey use am e go dey many?” and the answer is “no, it wouldn’t” except of course you are adding to it, you are growing it and you are replenishing it constantly.

When you are not doing that, it would be going down and for the extravagant fellows; it would be going down like a tornado, fast and fiercely. And sadly, one morning you would just wake up and you would be “rich man before” I sincerely pray that’s not your portion.

You have to start making plans, before that “headburn” moment. With what you have you can do something, no matter how small, “everybody get e size” don’t say “I’m too big for this or that”

Yes dear, think big but you got to start from somewhere, the journey of a million miles begins with a single step, you got to have heard that before, so start with that thing you have, do something, no matter how little.

Get it started and keep it going, don’t let “what would people say” be your life’s story, because people are doing their own, so do yours! Don’t be hindered by their negative vibes while they are actually doing their own thing and living their own lives.

It’s very easy to get carried away by worries and anxiety; you want something but you don’t know how to get it or how to begin.

First, get over the fear, no matter how unique your problems are, someone has encountered it before, so don’t magnify that situation with your mind instead oversimplify it, downplay it,  pay little attention to it and go get your goals.

Before you go broke is the best time to start acting, I’m not telling you to panic or start acting with anxiety even when you still have something with you but I’m encouraging you to never be sterile.

There is nothing you own now that will not be finished. Don’t get a little success and then get comfortable or immediately forget to keep it up. Before you go broke, move and make more…


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21 thoughts on “Before You Go BROKE

  1. Yes it,s very good for someone to know how it spend and how much it,s coming in…bcos dat can easily cos broke down…thank u so much for dis wonderful advise.

  2. We should not save what is left after spending,but send what is left after saving.
    Thank you dear for this piece of work

  3. aruateta nice says:

    Before you get broke. The fear of getting broke or poor is d beginning of hardwork and saving for d rainy days..I like dis piece waiting for next week monday articles.

  4. Matthew Aino says:

    Don’t know which word to use…u so good tanks for d advice.if one doesn’t know how come and goes out each time it will definitely cause brokness

  5. Research has shown that 85% of rich men get rich through long and consistent saving..Saving still remain the primary means of getting rich.

  6. Today’s post really touched me. Before u go broke move and make more. Can’t wait for next week’s post. U are a unique writer.

  7. U are awesome and Superb. This write-up will Inspire so many souls and helping them to excel. ThankThanks for the good work. U are simply the best

  8. U are superb dear! U have really touched many Broke Fellows with this write-up. God Bless ur Labour my Dear…. U are simply the best

  9. Being in control of your finances is a great stress reliever……Save money and money will save you!

    Thank you Natasha Eruteya for the reminder, good stuff.

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