Each day has twenty-four hours in it. So, how many of these hours do you use to relax, play, hang-out? How many do you spend just letting go and having fun?

I just want to point out that while you are there spending more time with your buddies, playing video games, nail saloons or whatever trivialities you do with the better half of your twenty-four hours, there are folks working their butts off for the better half of the day.

All they do is work and breathe and you blame them for not bring you their earnings at the end of the day, you call them selfish and you say if not for the hand of God they wouldn’t have one-quarter of whatever they have.

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The position of Love and Relationship in our society have been largely compromised. Slowly, people have begun to lose hope in the concept of love and relationship and the words have detracted into a play-word. But the relationship you have with your spouse refflects on your interaction with the society, it rubs off on the society either positively or negatively.

So if we have any hope of saving the world we must first save our homes.

Natasha Eruteya 2015