Tell me who your friends are and I would tell you right now and here whether or not you will succeed. It’s not magic, there is no juju involved.

They say, show me your friends and I’ll tell you who you are but I say, show me your friends and I would show you your fate.

Association is the most overlooked ingredient of success and strategically, it’s also the most essential.

Ask me how? It’s quite simple actually; we don’t want our friends to be better than we are. Yea, I know, you love your friend and sixty percent of the time when something great happens for them, you are very happy for them but you forty percent wish it could happen for you too. Don’t bother lying; you know it’s the truth.

You love your friends but you love yourself more. It’s selfish but you are human. Selfishness is built right into the essence of who we are.

So therefore, if you have a friend who is creative, innovative and eager to advance in life, you too want to strive to move, so you don’t get left behind.

Come on, you must have heard that common joke which says, if you see your result and you failed, you would be sad but once you realized that your friends failed too, you are happy.

No one wants to be the dummy poor idiot to the smart rich Nigga. You have a friend who is achieving and living up but you are the poor and deemed useless one.

This is why, seeing your friends active and succeeding at diverse aspects of their lives gives you a boost, and makes you eager to succeed.

But then, when you are more accomplished than all your closed friends, it gives you a sense of comfort like there is nothing pushing you.

This is why it’s wise to make friends you have grown above to keep you humbled and grateful and then make friends at your level to keep you going and most importantly, make friends higher than you to keep you aiming higher.

Association is extremely vital to your success; the people you spend the most time with are your doom or saviours. They contaminate your mind either negatively or positively.

You spend so much time together, overtime their lives begin to replicate on yours, you begin to talk alike, think alike and even act alike. Before long, your lives become exactly the same.

At this stage, if they are the right association, your success would become visibly apparent to all but if they are the wrong kind of association, then, the revise would be the case.

So, be smart enough to screen your close friends. We have the ability to choose our friends, choose wisely.

Because, the people you spend your day to day life with are the ones who determine your failure or success in life.

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