Appreciation is the application for more. Okay, you must have heard that too many times so it doesn’t motivate you anymore. Alright, give me a moment let me find some motivating for you.

If you don’t appreciate what you have, it depreciates and you stand a good chance of losing it. Did that touch you?

We are all humans and yes, it’s possible for some things to get into our heads and make it begin to swear bigger than Agege bread. For some of us, we are naturally predisposed to the inherent sin of pride but that is not a validation for pride.

The social world that we live in right now gives us a mirror to check ourselves and adjust some aspects of our lives that might be less than adequate and it’s very important for us to use that mirror, why?

  1. It makes you cultured and responsible.
  2. It makes working with you easier and enjoyable.
  3. It makes people come to respect you.
  4. It’s the professional thing to do.

No matter the talent you believe you may have, when your pride makes you difficult to work with, people will give you a space off. And sort for other professionals who give them what they need.

Now, confidence doesn’t mean pride and timidity doesn’t translate to humility. And you need wisdom to draw that thin red line.

Having said that, it takes a mature mind to be humble and being humble isn’t such a difficult task if you know that where you are right now isn’t your highest point.

If you know that many have travelled beyond where you are, and there are also others praying to be where you are. This would keep you humbled.

And mind you, appreciation isn’t just for the benefit of the recipient; it’s for your benefit mostly. And this is why, when you don’t appreciate people who have supported you, people who have been instrumental to your success, the ones who have allowed God use them to bless you. It because you feel like all you have achieved is by your own power. And because of this, your pace will slow down.

I don’t know the science behind this and I believe it’s more spiritual/natural than anything else. Something changes, it might not be immediate but you must have noticed it. You see some talented and gifted personalities in the society who are thriving and setting the pace and the moment the red flag of their pride shows up, they loss their space.

You have to remember to stay humble, just like you remember to brush your teeth in the morning so that you wouldn’t embarrass yourself with bad breathe, that is how important it is to constantly stay humble and appreciative.

We didn’t come into this world with anything other than the abilities God put inside of us and there is no reason to act pompous and feel too big to say thank you even for the littlest assistant. Even when you can do it for yourself, still say thank you, it wouldn’t kill you.

If people like Nelson Mandela, Oprah Winfrey, Barrack Obama, Bill Gate, Tony O. Elumelu, Goodluck Jonathan, Mark Zuckerburg and a host of others can be humble and appreciative, I don’t see why your tongue should be so tied to say “thank you, I appreciate you, God bless you…”







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15 thoughts on “APPRECIATION

  1. You are very correct, there is this young In my neighborhood, whenever you give him anything he would knee and thank you. I swear I like to give the boy money die. E dey make me feel like Otunba. Lol. Nice one Tasha

  2. It’s so true to appreciate the little. It encourage someone to do more than he/she has done for you…You’re good Natasha

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