Death visited my family and took my dad. When I walked into that hospital room and saw him hooked to that oxygen, I felt I bad feeling, I walked close to him and touched him but he didn’t respond, same man who quakes whenever my hands touches him because of my always warm palms.

It all seemed like a bad dream but I was introduced to my own strength at 1:30am of the 25th when I saw his lifeless body, never in my life did I think I could pull myself together for that long to keep my mom out of the loop. All I took for myself was five seconds to cry, I sat on the floor and poured it out, then I went out and did the needful. Her husband has left this world, I didn’t know how to tell her but I knew I had to wait, I needed more hands.

Thank God for wisdom, thank God for family and thank God for friends. I understand the danger of repression but I had to hold it all in so I could take care of her, my mother, my sunshine. Right now everything is dark and unfamiliar to her and it breaks my heart, now, she’s a young widow.

As I write this, tears covers my face but I need to share it, I need to write it down even if I can’t speak it out. God is still in control; His purpose is greater, He knows why now is the right time to take him away. I don’t know it yet and I can’t begin to understand it either but He knows and I need to find solace in that.

Thanks to everyone who cared and comforted me, I’m favoured with the best friends on the planet and I love and appreciate u all for been here for me. I still need your prayers, please pray for God to send the COMFORTER to my family. We need His guidance because it appears that death is not the end of this battle…



  1. Okoro Edafe says:

    As I read through, I see greatness in you. Just hold tight unto God and he will definitely comfort you and your family.

  2. The Holy Bible encourages us to embrace every challenges that come across our way with a positive attitude as this actually will turn out for our good.

    Sorry for your lost.

    The Lord is with you.

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