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 Monday Motivations

For some, life gives a fresh ice cold lemon juice and for others, life shoves lemons on them, this “others” have to squeeze the juice out of it and make it drinkable on their own.

This does make it difficult but it makes it worthwhile too, don’t sit by the pool side waiting for a tall glass of lemonade when your life don’t have that entrenched in it. You can pray for grace but you don’t have to sit down with your hands between your thighs waiting for it. Squeeze your share out of life; don’t wait on life because sweetheart, you are not a waiter…



Wednesday on Love

Every Wednesday I bring to you different topics on love and relationship that is certain to help your relationship and love life. Our generation is filled with people with the misguided concept on love and relationship. They expect James to give them what only John can. It can’t be easy bringing two persons of opposite backgrounds together, so we are here to help you navigate the waters which would allow you enjoy your relationship instead of enduring it…



Ask Tasha

While you would be reading through some articles, you would have series of questions which might begin to bug you. That is what the “Ask Tasha” column is here for, you can login here any day of the week to upload your questions on;  love, relationship or career. And on Friday, I’ll respond to all of them and then publish them. You don’t have to worry about your name being published to the public as you option to provide your real name or not, and your email would not appear either. We all need help sometimes and you should never be ashamed of that…



A short term goal is like manna, it’s for substance. Our long term goal is the Canaan land, its flowing with milk and honey.

The purpose of a short term goal is to; preserve, maintain, and sustain you while you’re journeying to your long term goal.

The truth is, you can’t count the numbers of trees a monkey jumps before he gets home. Before we get off-course, let me quickly explain what short term and long term goals are.

A long term goal is what you envision yourself to be in the future, maybe a doctor, musician, artist, writer, entrepreneur or whatsoever you have planned for yourself. While short term goals are the ladders that will get you there.

It’s easy to get carried away by those short term goals because of its daily provisions and then get stagnant in one place without accomplishing what you truly desire…